CiQUS (Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials) is part of the network of Singular Research Centres of Campus Vida, a main project of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) recognized as International Campus of Excellence. CiQUS is a research center of 5.900 m2 built-up area designed under the criteria of flexibility, safety and sustainability, and with the best research facilities for chemistry, biochemistry and materials science. CiQUS is currently hosting 33 consolidated Principal Investigators and 6 Junior Scientists with around 30 postdoctoral associates and more than 100 PhD students that work in the fields of health and material sciences, as well as the development of new sustainable transformative technologies, from inter- and multidisciplinary approaches. In addition, the Centre has hosted and is hosting many national and european projects. Currently, three ERC StG, one CoG and one SyG is being carried out at CIQUS, along with five European Collaborative Projects.